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We Can Push Sales and Establish Brand Loyalty

Email, when used properly, is a powerful marketing tool. Do you have a substantial subscriber list? Give us access to it, and we will devise a plan to harness your email list to drive foot and online traffic to your business. Here’s the rub: Writing email campaigns is tricky business. Most users tune out pretty quickly when they see an email from a company. We understand that impulse, but we know how to engage your customers. Rather than bombard your loyal customers with unwanted emails, we deliver content they can’t do without. The result is an organized email campaign that emphasizes your strengths without being overbearing. Never underestimate the power of a subtly powerful email campaign.

How We Design Impactful Email Marketing Strategies

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is a well-written, personalized message. Our copywriters understand the ins and outs of email marketing. More importantly, they know how to distill your message and products into short, compact blasts that communicate your strengths and entice your customers. We succeed where others fail because we:

Write Strong Content

First, we identify our target audience. From there, we can determine how to provide valuable content. We've found that readers desire personalized, snappy content because it makes them feel important without using too much of their time. A few choice images and links, and our content creators have crafted the perfect email.

Engage Smartly

The path to “unsubscribe” is perilous. We keep your customers from clicking the unsubscribe link by choosing our spots carefully. Every campaign is different. For some, we might opt for a regular email schedule. For others, we space our emails months apart. In most cases, we prioritize quality over quantity.

Emphasize Communication

We always assume the readers’ attention span is minimal at best. They might read the email during a break or open it while waiting to get their oil changed. We communicate the essential details upfront in witty, smart ways, enabling us to get the point across while we still hold their attention.

Email Deliverability

Chances are, there are some mistakes in your vast mailing list. We want to make sure our emails reach your intended recipients. Email deliverability is crucial to a successful campaign. Fortunately, we have the tools required to weed out defunct or improperly-entered emails.

List Building

Finally, you should never stop building your list. We can implement strategies for collecting new email addresses. Doing so is a crucial step in the email marketing process because it enables us to reach more people.

Contact JSK Marketing Today

JSK Marketing is proud of our record for effective email marketing campaigns. We want to help you grow your business, and we believe one of our marketing campaigns can be your secret weapon. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with our marketing experts.

Establishing Lifelong Fans for Your Brand

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