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The social landscape is constantly changing. Because of this, platforms are seeing immense shifts in the way people engage with their services. User needs are always changing and that is sculpting the digital environment. Certain social media platforms may see the number of users shrink and some may see the number of users grow. However, the overall decline in the numbers of individuals actively engaging with any social platform may cause major implications across the entire industry. Marketers need to be aware of these implications and need to ensure that their marketing strategies are up-to-date and as effective as possible. So why are people totally removing themselves from the social media environment and how does this affect marketing?

Social Media Detox

For most of us, it is common to wake up in the morning and immediately check our social media accounts. It is also common to check our phones before going to sleep. Based on a study, the average user spends almost two hours per day on social media. The Oxford dictionary defines detox as “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.” A social media detox means users are taking a break from social media rather than removing themselves from the social scene completely. A social media detox time frame is different for each person. People refrain from interacting on social media for a week, a month, or even a year. Whatever the time frame, people detox for as long as they feel will be beneficial and will return at some point. Taking a social media detox will help one drop bad habits and develop new and better ones.

Benefits of Social Media Detoxing

Social media is the main cause of self-esteem issues in many people. Most people who use social media end up comparing themselves to the lives of everyone they follow. Taking a break from social media can help individuals break away from this unhealthy cycle of comparison. In addition to physiological responses to social media, social media can also impact productivity and make one feel more disconnected from real life. Social media detox can help with improved memory and more-efficient sleep. Users need to think about their wellness and if social media is detrimental to their wellness, it is probably in their best interest to go through a social media detox. When detoxing, people tend to focus on more important issues in their lives and are more likely to transform certain aspects of their lives.

How Is Detoxing Affecting Social Media?

Social media detoxing is in fact not the end of social media. Like other forms of detoxing, it is not a long-term elimination of the activity, but just a break from it followed by a controlled return. When detoxing, it is common for people to remove social media apps off their phones, but not their accounts entirely. Among Americans 12-34 years old, Facebook usage declined from 79% of that group in 2017 to 62% today. Twitter is down from 36% to 29%. Pinterest is down from 36% to 31%. Linkedin is down from 23% to 21%. These social platforms are aware of these numbers and are trying to implement preventative strategies that keep users engaged and reduce the need for a detox in the first place. These platforms are aware of the rise of social media detoxing and the health and well-being reasons behind it. Overall, they want to keep their users active. The social media giants are implementing methods to route out negativity on their platforms. An example of this is Instagram pushing to remove likes recently. They are also trying to fight fears of addiction and create meaningful interactions among users.

How Is Social Media Detoxing Affecting Your Business?

As we know, social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools that businesses use. With the rise of social media detoxing, marketers are worried about the long and short term side effects surrounding this. With changes to combat detoxing implemented by the social media giants, people will probably feel less inclined to leave social media. Because of this, it is still important for businesses to use social media. Even though it is smart to keep your business’ social media up-to-date, it is also smart to use other methods to engage customers. To avoid negative impacts of detoxing clients, your business should also invest in building email lists, utilizing search engine marketing, and creating a meaningful and positive social presence. Producing content that impacts your customers rather than content that has little to no value for them is key.

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A social media detox can be life-changing for some users who take part in one. Social media can be a bit much at times for certain individuals and social media platforms are recognizing that. The social media giants are realizing how their user’s needs and wants are changing when it comes to their use of social media. Because of this, techniques and methods are starting to be put into place by these platforms to make a social media detox unnecessary in the first place for their users. Even though social media detoxing is not the end of the social media industry, it’s important for businesses to know how it affects their brand and their marketing efforts. Marketers need to be up-to-date with what is happening with the social media landscape and how it is evolving over time. That way, marketers can take the necessary steps to evolve with the times.

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