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Have you ever gone on your social media apps with the intention of scrolling for entertainment and left with a purchase? Social media has turned into more than just a space to catch up with friends and share humorous videos. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and other platforms have transformed into marketplaces for businesses to sell their products directly to consumers. As consumers, it’s never been easier to shop online. This trend is known as “social commerce” and it’s shaping the future of e-commerce.  

Why are People Choosing Social Media Shopping? 

According to HubSpot, Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X prefer shopping on social media than any other channel because of convenience. Social commerce offers convenience like no other. This shopping allows you to browse, shop and make purchases without ever leaving the platform. Some would call it a one-stop shop for your social entertainment and shopping needs.  


Consumers gravitate towards brands that they can trust, are hospitable and relatable. Businesses are incorporating user generated content (UGC) that allows influencers to share their personal experiences with products. It acts as social proof that the product is authentic and valuable. Consumers seek honesty and rely on these sources when it comes to the buying decision. The more trustworthy reviews there are, the more likely users are to buy.  

Personalized Product Recommendations 

This is the process of customizing a user’s online shopping journey to make it more relevant and engaging according to their likes and interest. It’s all about creating a tailored experience for each shopper. Social media platforms collect a wealth of data from their users. They analyze behavior, interactions and preferences to provide product recommendations. These are based off purchase history, what users have liked and the content they’ve engaged with. When consumers see recommendations pop up, they are more likely to gravitate toward it.  

What are the Concerns with Social Commerce? 

While social media shopping offers a multitude of benefits like brand awareness and brand reach, it’s smart to also be aware of and consider the concerns that come with this trend.  These can impact both consumers and businesses in various ways.  

Security and Privacy 

Think about how much personal information you share online. It can be unsettling to know that platforms are collecting your data for more targeted advertising. It’s also a concern to make payments through social media and whether your financial details are safe.  


Not all businesses on social media are trustworthy. Some sell fake or low-quality products and others create fake profiles to trick you. It’s often challenging to tell what’s real and what’s not.  

UGC Trustworthiness 

Some content creators and influencers might not be as genuine as you think. They could have fake followers or promote products they don’t actually use, just to receive a commission off of your purchase. This leads to misguided purchasing decisions. 

Social media shopping is only going to continue to grow in popularity. It changes the way we use social media and discover and buy products. As this trend continues to evolve, it’s important for both businesses and consumers to stay informed and keep up with the trends involved in social media shopping.  

Need help with getting on board with the social media shopping trend? We’ve got you covered. Our social media management team specializes in crafting tailored strategies to help boost your online presence and ultimately help your business reach its goals. Connect with us today if you’re ready to get started! 

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