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Hello streaming, goodbye traditional distribution channels! It is no surprise that conventional television is taking a backseat to streaming services and has been for the past couple of years. Traditional television is not being replaced by connected tv (CTV), also known as your streaming devices (Roku, Firestick, etc.) but is becoming more modernized and improved upon. Streaming is here to stay and has become an asset to brands and businesses’ media plans. Streaming TV ads and digital marketing offers more in-depth capabilities when it comes to targeting your audience and measuring out the metrics that traditional TV advertising does not have the ability to do. Investing in your advertising through streaming can be incredibly beneficial. Continue reading to learn why!

Audience Targeting

Streaming TV is an amazing way to reach viewers who are searching for convenient ways to consume the content that interests them. Traditional TV advertising limits geographic targeting and does not take into account the consumer’s preferred interests, incomes, or the devices they are using. The goal is to create a nonproblematic experience for the user. Streaming ads allows for brands to choose the audience they want based on much more than a zip code or data collected from browsing histories. Ads are also not skippable but limited to two or three per break, so consumers are more likely to watch the entirety of the ad. This allows for messaging to stay top of mind without being an annoyance to the consumer. Streaming TV gives businesses greater personalization and control over content and messaging therefore enabling a more effective and distinct targeting capability that traditional broadcasting does not offer.

Impressions and Measurement

Seeing the data allows for a more focused view of who your ad is reaching and when. You will have access to some of the most valuable data such as, demographics, what they were watching when your ad aired, when they were watching it, and from what device they were using. Your brand or business can track, measure, and optimize advertisements in real time. Campaigns can be easily adjusted, messaging can be tailored, and videos can be altered. Since campaigns are flexible and can be changed at any time, it is more beneficial to take advantage of testing your campaign with different audiences to see what works best.  Hiring an experienced marketing agency, like JSK Marketing, can help you track your metrics, click-through-rates and more throughout the ad’s lifetime. This will help in identifying how those changes are impacting your campaign, leading to better ROIs than traditional television advertising.

Streaming can elevate your brand or businesses to the next level and compliment all other types of traditional and digital marketing. With such a wide and consistently growing audience, and with as many opportunities to reach your target audience that streaming offers, now is the time to get started on the best and most effective streaming advertising campaign for your business. Contact us today or give us a call at 904-206-8994 to learn more and to help you get started!

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