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JSK BLog New Beginnings

The Dream

JSK Marketing officially launched in early 2019. The dream, however, came to fruition much earlier. JSK President & Founder, Jenn Kjellman, was just a college student when the seed that sprouted into JSK Marketing was planted. Jenn attended Georgia State University in the business hub of Atlanta, GA in pursuit of her BA in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Hospitality Administration.

Embarking on this pursuit with the passion for bringing the vision of others to life, she already had her heart set on utilizing her talents in order to make an impact on the lives of those in need by way of starting her own business. Thus, the dream of what would one day become JSK Marketing was born.

Growing Aspiration

Following graduation, Jenn began her career on the event side of marketing where she was physically manifesting the vision of others into that of planned events. Although, as her career continued, she noticed a particular interest in the area of digital marketing. The ability to use technology to track personalized statistics based on digital interaction was an appealing concept to her. One of which she would carry for many years to come.

As time went on, Jenn’s long-established aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur through her own marketing business was continuing to grow. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, becoming one herself was practically in her blood. After about a decade of bringing other’s visions to life, it was about time she did the same for herself.

The Foundation

As Jenn started to plan what starting a business would entail, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. She had to wrestle with the fear that her business may fail, which was particularly difficult after being blessed with years of relatively consistent success. Many new businesses struggle to make it past their first year, and her last desire was to be yet another business added to the list.

Being a customer of marketing services for so long, Jenn knew what it was like to work with both marketing agencies who provided great service and others who struggled to do so. Noticing that the key difference-maker was exceptional communication and dedication to learning the intricacies of the client’s company, Jenn decided to use that as a foundation for her own business model. She desired to create an agency whose culture inundates themselves into their client’s business and provides them with top tier quality service. In early 2019, Jenn did just that.

Becoming Reality

The longing to be an entrepreneur and the interest in digital marketing finally merged into one idea: JSK Marketing. A marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing, SEM, SEO, social media management, content development, and reputation management. A customer-centric business helps to create a healthy digital presence through the best marketing tactics for their specific brand in order to help them more naturally connect with their clients consistently.

After overcoming her fears and believing in the mission and vision for her own company, Jenn founded JSK Marketing. Encapsulating each of Jenn’s passions into one cohesive agency, JSK Marketing was born with the sole purpose of bringing other’s vision to life just like she has been doing for others for her entire professional career. On that day, she began to practically apply all of her life’s experience into making her long term dream come true.

Establishing The Lifelong Fan

Fast forward to the present day, JSK Marketing is flourishing as a local Jacksonville marketing agency helping clients across Jacksonville and more establish lifelong fans for their brands. In the same way that a sports fan is passionately dedicated to their team, we make it our objective to have the company’s customers or clients experience the same level of lifelong and passionate dedication.

We prioritize connecting with our clients on a personal level so that we can know as much as possible about their brand and tailor a marketing plan accordingly. We spend about 2-3 months getting to know our clients so that we can truly establish and maintain sustainability and consistency in relationships with the clients of their own through a marketing plan tailored specifically to their company’s needs. Under Jenn’s leadership, we long to always play a role in the success story of our clients, regardless of any circumstance.

New Beginnings

Since the initial launch of JSK Marketing, we have expanded our services by partnering with elite service providers who offer services that we specifically do not as a means to give our clients a full-service marketing team when necessary. As we continue to look to the future, Jenn desires for JSK to never cease growth in our client relationships while still providing them with unmatched service that achieves them top tier status within their respective industries. We long to adapt to the services and tools that are developed along the way as we yearn to grow in size without ever losing sight of helping our clients thrive.

Through constantly adapting to the ever-changing world of marketing, we hope to carry on the dream that sparked JSK and be the top boutique marketing agency in Jacksonville. With a focus on digital marketing tactics that genuinely help brands connect authentically with each of their fans, we’re confident we can achieve that. From the day Jenn Kjellman stepped onto her college campus to the day JSK Marketing was born, the idea was always about helping other companies achieve the dream their founders had before their businesses were born.

We’ve had so much fun watching our own story unfold and are here every step of the way to help you write your stories and watch them unfold right by your side! Join the JSK family today as we move into the next chapter of our very own new beginnings.

Establishing Lifelong Fans for Your Brand

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