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Marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes from full-service entities that offer a wide range of services to consulting firms that tend to focus mostly on strategy. Making the decision to outsource your digital advertising comes with many benefits, ranging from consistent marketing efforts to expert insight. Finding the right marketing agency to work with can be a daunting task, and we believe it’s much more than just reviewing well put together presentations. When it comes to finding the right marketing agency, what exactly should you be looking for? The following questions can be a great starting point as you prepare to find the right agency that fits your own unique marketing needs.

What Level of Accountability and Transparency Can You Expect?

Ideally, your agency should become an extension of your own marketing team, with a mutual goal to expand your brand’s reach and increase campaign performance. Many agencies generally have experience with a broad range of industries and continuously work to stay up to date with best advertising practices and ways to navigate the constant shifts in the digital landscape.

Finding the right agency that fits your unique business needs requires a lot of trust, requiring that you share your existing performance metrics and future goals with a brand-new team. A few topics you can discuss with your agency to determine your trust level may include:

  • Contractual terms
  • Available pricing strategies and how media rates are determined
  • Methods used on checking for bot and other fraudulent activity
  • Size of team dedicated to the unique needs you are looking to partner with them on
What is their Omnichannel Strategy Approach?

A quality ad agency will utilize omnichannel marketing to avoid bombarding their audience with less-relevant ads and spend more time guiding potential customers unwaveringly through the sales funnel with ads that are both timely and beneficial. Successful omnichannel marketing strategies maximize the full power of social platforms and devices, making sure customers are nurtured along their consumer journey with every interaction working together to reach the right audience at the right time in the most effective way possible. The key benefit to this strategy is a heightened level of personalization that allows for one unified brand interaction, as opposed to independent strategies scattered over several different channels, leading to a better user experience. Quality personalization is a product of quality data, and a great ad agency will have a solid omnichannel game plan.

What are their Performance and Reporting Processes?

A good marketing agency knows that all clicks are not created equal and that analyzing other meaningful engagement metrics can provide a more meaningful window into customer activity. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are key to determining the overall success of your marketing campaigns and it’s critical to understand how they work and how proper reporting can help accurately gauge performance. Going deeper than surface-level cost-per-click (CPC) numbers can give additional insight into ways to improve your specific marketing efforts and allows the agency to make the necessary changes needed for a more successful ad campaign. Make sure you fully understand their performance and reporting process before diving in.

What Type of Post-Launch Campaign Support Does the Agency Offer?

Some of the best agencies out there provide ongoing optimization strategies that continually access performance and adjust campaigns according to metrics and key performance indicators that allow for the maximum return on investment (ROI). You most likely won’t want to work with an agency that doesn’t ever make it a priority to make the necessary adjustments needed throughout a campaign. A marketing team that understands your goals will make an effort to improve your campaign performance at all stages of the sales funnel to allow for the best results possible. The right agency will work seamlessly with your team to develop winning strategies that further prove that they are an invaluable part of your team.

Our JSK Marketing team understands how difficult it can be to find the right marketing agency that suits your individual business needs. We hope these tips will help in your search for the perfect fit, and if you are curious about our agency, you can read more on how we got started and how we are built differently than our competitors. Want to explore whether we’re the right fit for your enterprise? We would love to connect with you!

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