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Apple & Google Privacy Updates

It’s no secret that user privacy has been a hot topic over the years, but recently it has grabbed headlines again when Apple released iOS 14.5, a new software update for phones with a new App Tracking Transparency feature. Google Chrome also shared its intent to shift away from 3rd party cookies. According to a Performance In article, more than two-thirds of marketers plan to use influencer marketing in 2021 and are also scrambling to affirm that their marketing platforms are powered by first- party data. How could this impact your marketing strategy moving forward?

Apps Will Have a Harder Time Tracking You

The release of iOS 14.5 included the App Tracking Transparency framework which impacts the way mobile advertising operates. When you open an app, you will see a pop-up that wants to access your unique device ID for advertisers. It will ask if you want to be tracked and why. Since most people will not choose to opt-in, this will affect many companies that rely on online advertising and could reduce the effectiveness and profitability of targeted ads.

User Privacy and Third-Party Cookies

Google Chrome is planning on phasing out support for third-party cookies in 2023 that will affect two areas: measurement (conversion tracking) and audience targeting. According to Performance In, all ad types will be impacted and display ads on the web will be impacted the most. Ad companies that rely on cookies will have to find another way to track target users.

First Party Data

What does this mean for your marketing strategy moving forward? With third-party cookies becoming unreliable and possibly phased out, if you are already using first-party tracking, these changes shouldn’t impact your brand. First-party tracking technology should be privacy complaint and give you full control over your tracking data.
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