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Just as a chef seasons their specialty dishes to perfection, your call to action (CTA) is the secret ingredient that adds flavor and engagement to your emails. It’s not always just about the content, it’s also about nailing the CTA that entices your readers to take that next step and click the button. Mastering your CTA for your company’s emails can lead to increased traffic to your website, engagement and a boost in sales. Keep reading to learn about six strategies that can make your email CTAs the star of the show.

What is a CTA and Why is it Important?

A CTA is the part of your email marketing campaigns that leads your readers to your website. Email CTAs should be engaging and catchy to generate leads and have your readers eventually become clients. CTAs usually show up as a button with limited characters. The tricky part is getting your message across as fun and exciting with as few words as possible. Your CTA is one of the most essential parts of your email campaigns because it lets your readers know what the next step is, whether that be to sign up for an upcoming event, read more about a blog, take advantage of a sale that is ending soon or to simply contact you. The more actions that can be included in your email, the better.

Quality Traits of CTAs
  1. Simplicity: Keeping your CTAs concise and clear will hold your reader’s attention longer. Using straightforward and action-oriented words like ‘Shop Now” or “Learn More” leaves no room for confusion and makes it easier for your audience to respond.
  2. Compelling: The way to achieve your goal of having your CTA button clicked on is to create copy that is appealing. Your click-through rate will increase when the right copy is used, especially if it is something that resonates with your readers.
  3. Urgency: We are more likely to want something if it is unavailable. By tapping into your readers’ FOMO (fear of missing out) with phrases like “Last Chance” or “Limited Time Offer” you create that sense of urgency. When they read this, they believe they are missing out on something valuable and are more likely to act quicker.
  4. Action: Tell the reader what to do, without being bossy. When you begin your CTA with a verb, you’re triggering the reader to do something. Some common CTAs to use would be, “Get Your Free Quote” or “Download Our Starter Kit”.
  5. Visuals: A well designed CTA stands out amidst the email content, increasing the chances of it getting clicked on. Using contrasting brand colors or other design elements, like arrows pointing to the CTA, immediately grabs your readers’ attention.
  6. Location: It’s best that your email naturally flows – meaning, put your CTA in a place that makes sense to the reader. For example, when you open an email, you expect the CTA to be underneath the content you’re reading. Rearranging the CTA can lead to reader confusion, diminishing the likelihood of a click.

With these tips, you can craft engaging email CTAs that guarantee a response from your readers. Remember that your emails could represent the initial step in converting potential leads into clients. Its goal is to drive them to your website or social media. The CTA isn’t the only copy in your emails, but it’s the one that is sure to be remembered. Afterall, it’s where all the action happens.

If you’re in the market for impactful email marketing campaigns, look no further! At JSK Marketing, we are dedicated to crafting compelling campaigns and CTAs for your business that engage, convert and drive the results you’re looking for. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a service – you’re getting a strategic partner. Experience the difference firsthand by contacting us today!

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