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Rebranding is part of the natural growth of any business. It is reshaping how your business is perceived. Rebranding includes evaluating where and to whom your business is marketed, as well as logos, colors, photography, fonts, names, taglines, and messaging. A strong rebrand makes it more likely for customers to choose you over someone else. So, how do you know when it is time to rebrand your business? Timing differs for everyone, but there are a few indicative signs that a rebrand is necessary.

1. Your brand name no longer reflects your brand vision

As trends in the marketing world are constantly evolving, it is important to stay true to who your brand is. What could have been a creative and meaningful name ten years ago, may no longer represent what your brand is about anymore. Your brand name should be unique and memorable. A strong brand name lays the foundation of your brand story and strategy. Creating a modern, flexible, and future-proof brand is key to keeping your customers interested and confident in your business.

2. Your embarrassed to hand out your marketing collateral

If you’re embarrassed by your brand, others are too. It is important to make your brand stand out from the competition by making sure your marketing collateral displays the authenticity of your brand.  Ask yourself if what you have now inspires confidence in your brand or makes you shudder. If you or your employees are embarrassed by your brand collateral, it is more than likely time to consider a rebrand, or at least a refresh.

3. Your business model or strategy is changing

The way your business is perceived by consumers should always align with the way it is run behind the scenes. Identifying your mission statement, vision, and values will solidify the overall rebrand. If a change in business strategy is what’s sparking thoughts of a rebrand, it is important to ask yourself questions such as;

  1. Why did I create this company?
  2. Where is my company headed?
  3. How will I get it there?
  4. How do we define our company culture?

Answering these clearly and concisely provides a foundation for your brand’s future success.

4. You’re expanding!

Another sign it is time for a rebrand is when you have expanded beyond the initial city or state where your business started, especially if that location is a key part of your brand (i.e. the name of your company includes the name of where your company launched). Expanding beyond your geographic location forces you to consider new customers and new competition u could encounter as you enter these new markets. Customer insights and competitive research are key during this time. This research will help prepare your business for the upcoming challenges in your new territory and will help to define the unique needs of your target audience as it relates specifically to that location or area.

5. You’re not attracting top talent

A rebrand not only helps redefine the brand for your current and potential customers, but also can help draw in current and future employees. The best talent wants to work for brands with a positive reputation in the marketplace. A strong brand attracts talented, motivated, and quality candidates who align with the values of your brand. If you are not attracting the kind of talent and people you want, consider this a red flag and be willing to consider that your business may need to rebrand.

Whether you’re looking for a rebrand or a brand refresh, at JSK Marketing, we’re here to help you create a brand you’re proud of. We’ll guide you along each step of the way. Contact our team today to explore if a rebrand could be the right move for your business!

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