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When starting a small business there are so many ways to promote your brand, but one often overlooked tool is YouTube. This social media platform has over 2 billion monthly log-in users which is equivalent to a third of internet users, not to mention the rising amount of YouTube usage on home TV sets. Although YouTube is a popular social media platform, small businesses tend not to utilize everything it has to offer. The ten videos listed below will allow small businesses to advertise in a unique, creative way while also increasing reach.

Creating YouTube videos also expands and engages your audience. According to Headway Capital, 73% of people say they’re more likely to buy an item after watching a video explaining the product. Making a video about a product increases the chances of purchase by 144%. It’s important to utilize this tool while it’s still unique, as only 9% of small businesses in the US are currently utilizing YouTube as an advertising strategy. In this blog we will discuss ten YouTube ideas that will help maximize your reach while also growing your brand.

1.Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight videos use a story to educate your target audience about your product. There are three main factors to consider to effectively use product videos when promoting your brand; an effective setting, a conflict and a resolution. A great way to plan this video style is through a storyboard. Creating a story that the audience can relate to is vital when crafting the perfect ‘product spotlight’ video.

2.How To

An effective ‘how-to’ video requires a subject that people want to know about. A great resource for generating questions people are asking in your space is  . This helpful tool will generate popular questions around topics relevant to your brand. Writing a script and sticking to it helps keep your video organized. The length of the video is very important, try to keep it between 2-5 minutes. Also, be sure your audio is clear by using an advanced microphone.

3.Product-in-Action videos

Product- in- Action videos show what the product gives to the consumer in real time. An example of this type of video is the ‘ShamWow’ commercial, the host of ‘ShamWow’ continuously shows the audience what the product could absorb in multiple situations. This ultimately encourages the audience to buy a ‘ShamWow’, instead of a regular wash cloth. Creating a storyboard for this video strategy will ensure success. Use a professional voiceover artist to clearly get the message across. Choose a thumbnail that grabs people’s attention without coming across as overly salesy or ‘clickbait’. Through all of these factors, the goal is to keep your target audience engaged and excited to watch more of your videos.

4.FAQ videos

Question and answer videos can be hard to master; keeping it interesting can be a challenge. The key to success with this video type is to gather the right questions. This could include customer service questions, questions asked through Instagram stories or basic surveys. Make sure there aren’t too many questions, while also keeping them simple and conversational. Don’t try to offer comprehensive answers to complicated problems. Most importantly, be honest when filming this type of video. Often, your business can benefit from several FAQ videos.


Testimonial videos add a personal touch to any startup business. By creating this type of video, you can capture customers’ stories with your product or service at heart. Make sure these videos are authentic and highlight the person’s emotions rather than numbers. It is also important to ensure the setting, music and graphics highlight the raw emotion put into testimonial videos.


When filming review videos its important to understand that the focus needs to be on the product rather than the person. A great tip is to add in ‘b-roll’ footage, while also focusing on the benefits rather than the features of a product or service. Review videos are genuine opinions from the audience about the product or service you provide. Although testimonial videos are impactful, review videos tend to feel more authentic. Consumers truly care about the overall performance of a product or service they are considering. That is what makes this type of video so important.

7.Shopping Hauls

Shopping hauls require the right influencer to promote your brand while also retaining interest throughout the whole video. The wrong person can portray your product or service as boring while also losing your target audience’s attention. You can measure the success of this type of video against KPIs through metrics, such as watch time, impressions and click through rate! These videos also promote audience retention, engagement and help diversify your audience.

8.Unboxing videos

While consumers are watching to learn more about your product they can also learn about your company with the quality of packaging materials. For example, some small business package their products with extra graphic stickers or confetti with packing peanuts to personalize packaging while also giving it a unique edge.

9.Behind the Scenes videos

Behind the scenes videos allow your audience to see how you work on an everyday basis. To effectively use this video idea its important to highlight your dedication to quality, while also telling your brand’s story. Make sure the acoustics are right in the room before filming. A great way to test this is by turning your mic on and simply having a conversation with a coworker to ensure high quality audio before filming the final video. Behind the scenes videos can be a great way to share your company’s culture, vision and values in a tangible way.

10.Meet the Team Videos

Meet the team videos can personify your business tenfold! Make sure to not confuse this video style with a marketing video though. The perfect ratio rule of thumb for entertainment vs marketing is 80/20. Let your staff plan the videos to give an authentic view on your workplace setting. Make sure to include videos of staff interacting and don’t forget the recruitment potential these videos may have. Always include information about workplace culture, career progression and benefits to maximize recruitment opportunities.

YouTube is an amazing way for small businesses to promote their brand while also improving employee engagement. When creating videos, take into consideration all aspects of the video, including brand specific colors, music choices, editing styles, etc. Including your current staff in the making of these videos will help increase comradery, while also diversifying your audience. Let us help you get started. With JSK Marketing as your partner, we’ll effectively promote your brand through a variety of creative outlets. Contact us today to get started!







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